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This document outlines what needs to be done by an application installer to integrate with the Embedded OS Startup (AutoPlay) application.

  1. Installer needs to detect if AutoPlay App is installed. This can be done by the detection of the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AB SCIEX\AutoPlay. If found, assume that AutoPlay is installed.
  2. Installer needs to determine where AutoPlay app is installed. To do this read HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AB SCIEX\AutoPlay, InstallationDirectory
  3. In the directory, you will find an autorun.inf file. This is a standard Windows .ini file that can be written to with the WritePrivateProfileString API.



app1=Analyst,’Analyst_lg.png’,’Analyst_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\Analyst

app2=Cliquid,’Cliquid_lg.png’,’Cliquid_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\cliquid


app4=LightSight,’LightSight_lg.png’,’LightSight_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\LightSight


app6=ProteinPilot,’ProteinPilot_lg.png’,’ProteinPilot_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\ProteinPilot

app7=DiscoveryQuant,’DiscoveryQuant_lg.png’,’DiscoveryQuant_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\DiscoveryQuant


app9=TissueView,’TissueView_lg.png’,’TissueView_sm.png’,C:\Program Files\TissueView\bin\tissueview.sav

app11=MetabolitePilot,’MetabolitePilot_lg.png’,’MetabolitePilot_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\MetabolitePilot


app13=MPX,’MPX_lg.png’,’MPX_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\MPX

app14=LipidView,’LipidView_lg.png’,’LipidView_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\LipidView

app15=ChemoView,’ChemoView_lg.png’,’ChemoView_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX

app16=LibraryView,’LibraryView_lg.png’,’LibraryView_sm.png’,$AB SCIEX\LibraryView


This is the relevant section to modify. Add an extra line for your application. Location of this is important, because only up to 9 applications are detected and a launch button is displayed.

Parameter1: Name of your app

Parameter2: Large .png of your launch button (see below). This parameter to be surrounded by single Quotes

Parameter3: Small .png of your launch button(see below). This parameter to be surrounded by single Quotes

Parameter4: Pointer on how to find your app’s exe (see below).


Parameter 4 works as follows:

It can be an absolute path to your .exe (e.g. c:\program files\analyst\bin\analystlauncher.exe). It can also be an instruction to search the Start ->All Programs for a suitable shortcut to follow. If you choose this, the identifier must start with a $.

$AB SCIEX\LibraryView means to search in the $={C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu}\AB SCIEX\LibraryView folder, and look for a .lnk file. The .lnk filename must contain the name of your app as specified in parameter 1. IE. If a link named LibraryView 1.2.lnk is found, it is followed if it points to a valid .exe.


.PNG’s work as follows:

Small .png’s must measure 370×270 pixels, and are composed of 3 stacked images 90 px high showing the Normal, Hover and pressed states:

Large .png measure 370×375 pixels , and are composed of 3 stacked images 125 px high showing the Normal, Hover and pressed states


The .PNG files must be installed into the [BASE]\AutoPlayDirectory, where Base represents the installed folder detected by the installer.

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