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Mountain Unicycling

I have finally decided to take up Mountain Unicycling, and have bought myself (to the distress of my wife who now has proof that I am crazy) a brand new mountain uni. As promised, here are some pictures of the new unicycle, which so far has exceeded my expectations. The thing is built like a tank – feels solid like a big armoured Mercedes-Benz 600 when you ride, do any kind of hopping. I decided that I needed a more solid unicycle after a pedal broke off the old unicycle while hopping, a solid 1 square cm of steel just broken off due to the extreme torsional forces that come up when a bigger guy like me hops on a uni. It might be a further reinforcement that I need to lose some more weight, even though I have lost about 40 lbs already in the last year and am now at 188 lbs.

Many thanks to Darren Bedford at Bedford unicycles for the good advice and for hand-assembling the wheel and other components of the uni!

(Rim and spoke detail – the rim is actually a double rim, made from aluminium)

(The most important part of the uni – the hub.)

(Showing the 153mm solid alu KH moment cranks)

I terms of equipment beyond the uni, this is what I currently have:

(Knee and shin protectors – a good idea for when you wipe out!)

(Padded cyclist gloves)

(Sports straps for glasses which would otherwise slide off your nose!)

(Bike helmet)

(Notice that the uni is balanced!)

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